September 2015

As International Architects with a worldwide portfolio of award winning architecture, we understand the effort and skills needed to create a special home for families. Synthesis Square comprises commercial offices, a hotel, retail and residential uses. And great care has gone into the process to realize this wonderful opportunity.

The residential tower has an urban context acting as a singular high tower which will create a feature and an identity statement by itself and not be 'lost' within the background of other towers, ie like in a CBD setting. The residential approach to the tower is of a 'timeless modern classical design' by utilising a tripartite tower design, ie three components: base, shaft and top or entablature.

The 'base' contains both the impressive entrance lobby and convenience retail outlets, car parking and servicing areas. The 'shaft' contains the various sized home apartments and extends the buildings height upwards of 35 stories. The 'entablature' or crown terminates the shaft and creates the final skyline feature.

Layered over this timeless tripartite language is a pattern making motif, a decorative element that locates the residential building as being of and from Indonesia. This is applied both to the 'base' and the 'crown' where decorative coloured and perforated panels containing a batik motif that are folded around the facade and creates a unifying screen. Colouring of the batik screen panels continue this historical language and elements of colour are applied along the towers 'shaft' and 'crown'.

We are seeking to deliver a high standard of both design and materials in our project- a creative expression of an enjoyable, affordable home environment for families. Each of the apartments is arranged to maximise vistas to important skyline features, ie the CBD or Kuningan or along Jl Gatot Subroto/Hariono. Each unit also responds to its plan orientation and has the ability for natural cross ventilation to achieve an environmental green response.

Not only are the apartment units flexible in sizes and value but the development contains a variety of home owner benefits including a roof podium, open air 25m lap pool with infinity edge and shallow private pool recliner spaces. Together with a separate spa pool and children's paddle pool, a BBQ and play area, meeting rooms, a library and cinema areas.

We believe that it will be a wonderful place to live and grow a family.....