September 2014

Mr. Doddy Tjahjadi, Managing Director was among the invited speakers at the ARCHINESIA Roadshow held at the Jakarta Convention Center last June 2014. A relevant topic on the upcoming ASEAN integration in 2015 and its impact on the Indonesian Architects, Mr. Tjahjadi shared his insights and experience in managing a multi-national diverse staff of architects and designers and the opportunities to expand the practice in the ASEAN Region. With the strengthening of the ASEAN economy, there is a greater need for cooperation and understanding among architects in order to meet the growing business opportunities in real estate development. Along with these opportunities, the challenge for the Indonesian Architect is to keep abreast with international standards of practice to remain competitive and marketable.

In another event, Mr. Aditya Wirawan Fitrianto, Associate joined a panel of speakers at the Indonesia Building Technology Expo. Also a freelance contributor to an Indonesian daily, Mr. Fitrianto shared his thoughts on the workshop’s theme on increasing people’s awareness and appreciation of architecture through communication. He informs, enlightens and increases the understanding of ordinary citizens on current issues in urban planning, historical preservation, local architecture, new township developments and the like in his writings. To put the message across, he uses simple layman’s terms to describe the impact of these issues in one’s daily life in order to encourage and to inspire action in helping preserve the country’s heritage and create a better built environment.