ALFA Headquarters

June 2014

The ALFA Headquarters’ construction is currently underway and focus of the PTI Team is on the interior design. The design strategy is to closely resemble the dominant elements of the architecture and apply them into the interiors. The curved façade is echoed in the curved-shaped feature wall that serves as the central backdrop of the reception and the entry to the lift lobbies from the main lobby. Strong symmetry and a sense of verticality likewise characterize the main lobby consistent with the building form. Artwork that expresses the firm’s vision and values will adorn the expansive walls.

In more detail, random stripe patterns, another repetitive element on the façade design, are applied on the floor pattern while a more subdued and simple design is proposed for the ceiling in order to complement the artworks on the walls. Light and neutral color tones are used on main lobby area to achieve the sense of space while a contrasting dark grey color palette are proposed on the lift lobby area. Overall, the interiors become an extension of the exteriors in form, color and impression.