Bank Mandiri’s Learning Centre

June 2014

PTI Architects’ response to Bank Mandiri’s Learning Centre Brief was to make learning an unforgettable experience with the use of highly flexible and adoptive spaces in combination with cutting-edge multi-media technology, veering away from traditional perspectives of executive training/learning. Three key concepts come to play in the planning and design of the Learning Centre: creating meeting places that promote integration and diversification while encouraging exchange of information, creating attractive environments for the students and staff that are informative and visually stimulating, and creating sustainable and highly flexible spaces that allow different forms of learning.

The student hub, discussions fields, and classrooms were planned to meet these design goals- adopting an open, collaborative and playful environments. Low-rise and linear in plan, the façade is broken down into three (3) components where the “egg-crate” inspired sunscreen were used for the building envelope on the upper level and foliage screens and landscaping were applied as shading on the lower level. The dominant corporate color palette was integrated into both the architecture and interiors to promote visual identity and strong branding. A resounding success, the Medan Learning Center becomes the benchmark for the succeeding Learning Centers planned throughout Indonesia.